It is easy to fundraise for Little Ashes- here are some simple ways you can fundraise for us!


1. Menu

2. See more

3. Fundraisers

4. Create fundraiser

5. Under ‘who are you raising money for?’ Select charity

6. Type Little Ashes in the search box and it will come up.

7. Set up your event and begin raising money! You may even wish to raise money instead of birthday presents!

All the money raised will be sent directly to Little Ashes.

Amazon smile:

You can raise money for Little Ashes with every purchase made through the Amazon Smile website or app, which works exactly the same as the standard version. On the app or website click:

1. Settings

2. Amazon Smile

3. Set/ change charity

4. Type Little Ashes in as the charity (address will say Rotten Row)

5. Done! Every time you spend you are also donating to Little Ashes


If you would like to buy something for the PreSchool, the teachers have put an
Amazon Wishlist together of toys and games they would love to have. Thank you so much.

Amazon Whish List